★ Principal Investigator

Haluk Ogmen

Senior Associate Dean, School of Engineering & Computer Science; Professor, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering

★ Ph.D. Students

Boris Penaloza

Boris Penaloza (our youngest lab member Mateo is in his hands) is a Ph.D. candidate. His research interest is in Vision Science and Artificial Intelligence. Specifically, he studies the mechanisms of motion perception in the primate visual system. In his studies, he designs and implements psychophysical experiments to test his hypothesis and also builds computational neural models that characterize the experimental data.

Dongcheng He

Dongcheng He is a Ph.D. student working on 3D perception and mental rotation.

Shaoying Wang

Shaoying is a Ph.D. student working on multiple object tracking and memory. He graduated in Huzhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, China, in 2017.

Daniel Parada San Martin

Daniel is a first year PhD student with a great interest in Machine Learning. His research will largely focus on the areas of computer vision and object tracking. He is highly interested in integrating my research into multi-sensory system applications such as virtual and augmented reality and expanding the capabilities of tactile feedback systems.

★ Master Student

Xiangyu Zhu

Xiangyu is working on the visual crowding. Crowding, the inability to recognize the object in clutter. There is a fundamental limit on visual perception and object recognition throughout the visual field. For example, when the objects are crowded they do not simply disappear; the crowding might be a disruptive process that suppressed their signal. What He is doing is to repeat some paradigms and doing the data analysis and then analysis this phenomenon. In addition, He would like to use the different pattern of the stimuli to do the paradigms and see what the different influence by analyzing the collected data.

★ Undergraduate Students

Lesley Figueroa

Lesley is an undergraduate Computer Engineer student at the University of Denver and a Scholar for the National Academy of Science Grand Challenge Program in the topic of Reverse Engineering the Brain. She is interested in the application of visual perception in deep learning and the improvement of decision making in artificially intelligent systems.

Troy Williams

Troy is an undergraduate student.

★ Alumni

  • Babak Noory
  • Duong L. Huynh
  • Mehmet Naci Agaoglu
  • Sevda Agaoglu
  • Genevieve Johnson
  • Onur Ekiz
  • Firat Gonen
  • Michel Akselrod
  • Hamza Hallal
  • Rafiq Nasrallah
  • Murat Aydin
  • Soufiane Azizi
  • Gokalp Bayramoglu
  • Kaan Camuz
  • James Carvajal
  • Jian Chen
  • Shuai Chen
  • Ying Chen
  • Emre Cilingiroglu
  • Krishnan Ethirajan
  • Michael Fong
  • Haleh Fotowat
  • Baskaran Ganesan
  • Laurent Garnier
  • Keya Gohil
  • Jonathan Harris
  • Genevieve Johnson
  • Hulusi Kafaligonul
  • Alpay Koc
  • Krishna V. K. Iyer
  • Ann Jacob
  • Ashutosh Kamdar
  • Dominique Lacassagne
  • Khiem Lam
  • Larry Li
  • Jin Liu
  • Jianzhong Ma
  • Reginald Melvin
  • Daniele Micci-Barreca
  • Melki Moussa
  • Dinesh Nair
  • Saumil S. Patel
  • Ramkrishna V. Prakash
  • Gopathy Purushothaman
  • Mert Sarikaya
  • Palak Shah
  • Gaurav Soni
  • Srimant Tripathy
  • Wenxia Wang
  • Fiona Wolstenholme
  • Xianyi Yang
  • Ozgur Yilmaz